Why Was Varosha Closed?

Varosha was like a secret behind the fence. Houses in Varosha, car brands described, beaches, hotels and much more…. Varosha, located within the borders of the Northern Cyprus, was known as “Closed Varosha” since 1974 due to its being closed. So why is Varosha closed?

Varosha, which was the Las Vegas of the Mediterranean before 1974, passed under the control of the Turkish Armed Forces on 13 August 1974 during the Second Cyprus Operation.

Although some limited areas in the north of the Varosha region were opened in 1976-77, most of them remained closed.

There is a building belonging to the United Nations in Maraş. Six apartments 400 meters away were given to the Turkish Armed Forces for the construction of an army house. Before 2020, civilian vehicles and pedestrians were not allowed in this zone, except for those with military IDs, students staying in the girls’ dormitory in the region, and registered taxis working for students.