Can I travel to North Cyprus from Republic of Cyprus? Before moving on to the question, I want to give a briefing about Cyprus.

After the war on July 20, 1974, Cyprus was divided into two, Greeks in the southern part and Turks in the northern part. There is still no peace in Cyprus. Although peace talks continue between the two goverments, the ceasefire situation continues at the moment.

Although there are no free crossings between the north and the south of Cyprus for many years, the border gates were opened to each other on 23 April 2003.

Currently, free passages are provided through a total of 9 border gates. Some of these border gates are more intense than others. This density increases especially in the summer and at the weekends.

Although crossings are possible both from the south of Cyprus and from the north of Cyprus using the border gates in Cyprus, the Ledra Street Border Gate and Ay Demetios Border Gates in Nicosia are generally intense. However, this density varies according to the time of day.

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