• Where is Varosha?

Vrasosha (Turkish name is Kapalı Maraş) is a district of Famagusta. It was actually a very important area. After the 1974 Cyprus Operation, it remained under the control of the military, and most of it was closed to settlement.

If you arrive the island from Famagusta Sea Port, your distance to Varosha is 3.3 km via Eşref Bitlis Street, only 6-7 minutes by car.


If your transportation to the island is by landing at Ercan Airport (Nicosia), your distance from Varosha is 53.5 km. You can reach Varosha in 46-50 minutes, maximum 1 hour via Nicosia – Famagusta main road.

If your transportation is via Girne Tourism Port, your distance to Varosha is 76.5 km. For those who want to go to Varosha from Girne Tourism Port, the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 10-15 minutes via the Nicosia-Famagusta Main Road.