Varosha’s Photos:

Varosha, the legendary Varosha, the Ghost City, one of the world’s most famous tourism paradises, the place of the world’s most famous businessmen and Hollywood stars, Varosha where seven-star hotels are located… Reopened Varosha….

It is very difficult to say whether it will return to its old state, how it will return, what will happen, we will try to explain this to you with old and new photos of the city. Photos are from the 1960s and 1970s.





As you know, no one has lived in Varosha since 1974. Of course, houses where no one lived, restaurants where no one went, and streets where no one walked have changed a lot since those times. You can see the old and new photos of the buildings in Varosha, which is a very rare example in the world.



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