Varosha’s houses now

Of course, there were not only shops, hotels, galleries, cafes and restaurants, but also extremely beautiful houses in Varosha, which was closed after 1974 and left under the control of the military. Here is the latest version of these houses in Varosha…


Nobody lived in the houses that were left to their fate right after the war in 1974. The houses were left as they were abandoned and did not receive any maintenance until today. In Varosha, which was once one of the most important tourism and economic centers of Cyprus, the appearance of the buildings is not good at the moment.


Varosha is a ghost town like no other in the world. The war has done everything to this city. It was devastated, drove people away, left no trace of its old days… But the magic of the city has never changed. When you walk in the city, the magic of the city can take you back to the old days and you can imagine those days. Varosha is a must-see for everyone who comes to Northern Cyprus. You can contact us for private Varosha tours.