There are a lot of famous places in Varosha. Here is the two of them.

Sopia Loren’s Summerhouse in Varosha:

It is known that many famous businessmen and world stars prefer Varosha for their holidays. Here is the summer house of the famous Hollywood star Sopia Loren in Varosha. Right across the army house in Varosha, where many foreigners owned property before 1974.

Famous Golden Sands Hotel in Varosha?

If hotels are to be mentioned in Varosha, the famous Golden Sands Hotel should be mentioned. The world’s first seven-star hotel with a 900-bed capacity and even a rail system, opened in Varosha on 20 May 1974…

Golden Sands Hotel, 58% of which belongs to the British Royal Family, is the most striking facility of the region. Golden Sands Hotel is the only building that was kept under protection with its belongings at the request of the British Royal Family during the 1974 events in Varosha. It is claimed that the steps of the hotel are gold plated.