Covid-19 Situation in North Cyprus is one of the most curious topics for almost everyone. Yes, how did this small and unrecognized country manage to overcome the Korona (Covid-19) pandemic? Most importantly, for those who plan their holiday, what is the Covid-19 Situation in North Cyprus?

If you want, let us first inform about Corona (Covid-19) cases in Northern Cyprus. The first Corona (Covid-19) virus case date in North Cyprus is March 10, 2020. Corona (Covid-19) was seen in an old German tourist at this date. This German tourist was staying at a hotel in Famagusta. However, he had been in contact with a lot of places since he wandered around. As soon as the first case appeared, the Northern Cyprus government directly intervened and the measures began to be implemented very strictly.

In the following days, the cases continued to be seen, albeit few. As the international contact cases increased, the government’s measures became even stricter. But it was never declared state of emergency. As the case was seen, direct contacts were detected, quarantined and tests were performed. Rapid interventions prevented the increase in the number of cases. The spread rate of Korona (Covid-19) slowed down as the people began to follow the measures taken by the government.

The last Corona (Covid-19) case date in Northern Cyprus is April 19, 2020, and no new cases have been seen since. The last Corona (Covid-19) patient was discharged from the hospital on 11 May 2020.

After the initiatives that started all over the world after the measures taken in Northern Cyprus, Covid-19 cases started to be seen in Northern Cyprus. For updated data, you can visit the official website of the TRNC Ministry of Health.