Travel to North Cyprus is a very important issue for those who want to visit this place. Northern Cyprus is like a piece of heaven. With its unique beaches, warm sands, friendly people and many other beautiful aspects, North Cyprus is a must-see place. You don’t know what you’re missing before you come to Northern Cyprus.  As with all island countries, you can travel North Cyprus by air and sea. For those who love comfort, we recommend that they prefer transportation by air. Since Cyprus was divided into two after the war in 1974, it is also possible to pass through the border gates between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.

For those who want to travel by plane, our link where they can find ticket prices is available on the home page. The name of the airport of Northern Cyprus is Ercan Airport. Flights from abroad land at Ercan Airport via Turkey. We have transfer services from Ercan Airport to every region of Northern Cyprus, and you can contact us for our transfer fees. If you wish, you can find our transfer prices for Kyrenia, the most popular city of Northern Cyprus in terms of tourism, here. Of course, Northern Cyprus is not just about Kyrenia. You can also find our transfer prices for other cities in Northern Cyprus here. In addition, we are always ready to answer any questions you may have about Northern Cyprus.

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