The most important part of the North Cyprus Traffic Rules is that the traffic is from the left lane. If you are from the UK, traffic will not be a problem for you. Because you will drive through the lane you’re used to. However, if you are coming from countries with right traffic lane, it may be difficult for you to drive from the left lane at first. But don’t be scared right away. Northern Cyprus is not a very busy country in terms of traffic flow. People respect each other in traffic and when they see rental cars, they realize that you do not know the traffic flow. You will also need to switch to the right lane when you want to overtake the vehicle.

There is no subway or rail transport in Northern Cyprus. Buses departing from the five major cities, usually hourly, only move along the main road. Taxi prices are also not cheap. That’s why the best option for you is car rental. When you rent a car, you can go anywhere, anytime. When renting a car, you should prefer automatic gear and right-hand drive vehicles. You can click the “Contact Us” link to get information about car rental and to make a reservation.

Other important issues you should know within the North Cyprus Traffic Rules are as follows:

When you come to the roundabouts, the right of way is from the right.

Nobody can use the vehicle other than those specified in the “Car Rental Agreement” signed to you while the car is being rented. Otherwise, the insurance will not cover you.

Driving with alcohol is a serious fine. In such a situation, you both have the risk of being arrested and your driver’s license is confiscated by the police for three months. The amount of alcohol you can drink while driving is “0 (zero)”.

While driving, everyone in the vehicle including those in the back seat must wear the seat belt.

The vehicle driver cannot use the mobile phone while the driving.

There are speed limit signs at the roadside. If you exceed these speed limits, you will be fined by the police.

The authority to write penalties in traffic belongs to both the police and the municipality.

You must comply with the specified speed limits, especially for fixed speed cameras on the highways. Otherwise, you will be fined.

With the driving license of your own country, you can use a rental car while you are a tourist in Northern Cyprus.

You can ask us any questions about the North Cyprus traffic rules by clicking on the “Contact Us” link.