Is Northern Cyprus cheap? Every tourist is concerned with whether the destination country is expensive or cheap. Imagine that the country you go to is very expensive for your country and you don’t have enough money with you. Even his thinking made you uncomfortable. Best of all, do not think that Northern Cyprus is expensive or cheap. Let us help you with this.

The official currency of Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. If you follow the exchange rates, you will see that the Turkish Lira is not very valuable in terms of foreign currencies. In other words, when you change your foreign currency and convert it into Turkish Lira, your money becomes more valuable. Not only Turkish Lira is used in Northern Cyprus. In addition to the Turkish Lira, Pounds, Euros and Dollars are also used. These coins, as we have just said, are valuable against the Turkish Lira. Click “Exchange Rates” to learn the daily exchange rates.

However, there is another important issue that I would like to mention here. You can shop with foreign currency, eat and, in short, you can use foreign currency for all kinds of payments. However, when you give foreign currency instead of Turkish Lira, the sellers will not give the real value of your currency against Turkish Lira but will give less. In this case, you will not get real value for your money. Therefore, we recommend that you exchange your currencies from the exchange offices.

Besides, let’s go back to our main question. Is Northern Cyprus cheap? Yes, Northern Cyprus is much cheaper when you compare it to many European countries. When you exchange your currencies from foreign exchange offices in Northern Cyprus, you will see that your money is appreciating. For example, 9 chicken wings, chips and cola menu is about 40 Turkish Liras. It is around 6 Euros in Euros. Again, small water bottles are around 1-1.5 Turkish Lira. That’s about 20 cents.

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