Is North Cyprus safe for tourists? Yes, this question is one of the most frequently asked questions for North Cyprus. Every tourist wants the country he wants to go to be safe. Who wants to go to an unsafe country? No one. We all hear and feel sad about the sad events that happen to tourists during their holidays.

So is North Cyprus safe for tourists? When we compare North Cyprus with other countries, we see with a low crime rate. The crime rates are very low and the police very effectively fight crime in North Cyprus. Especially in the summer months, the police work extra at touristic places, especially beaches. In addition, since police stations spread all over North Cyprus, intervention is quick in undesirable situations. In Nicosia, Kyrenia, Güzelyurt, Gazimağusa, and İskele, the five major districts of North Cyprus, there are the main police stations and the police stations operating accordingly.

As everyone knows, North Cyprus is not a state recognized by other World states. Despite this, it has the necessary security forces to become a state and the police are among the most trusted institutions among the public.

Besides, I would like to give a briefing about the crimes in North Cyprus. The most risky cities of North Cyprus in terms of crimes are Kyrenia and Nicosia. The crime rate here is above the average of North Cyprus, and it is dangerous for tourists to walk around at night, especially in the “Surlariçi” region in Nicosia. The walls (Surlariçi) are a historical place and contain many historical places. You can easily visit this place during the day. However, we recommend that you visit other places instead of the city walls at night.

Although violence crimes are very few, we see that violence crimes are mostly committed in Kyrenia and Nicosia. However, when we compare it to other tourist cities in the world, we see that there is a very low crime rate. If you be exposed to any crime, you can call 155 free of charge. You will find that the cops will help you very politely. We will also have a warning about the cops. They absolutely do not like bribery.

Sexual crimes are at a very low rate compared to other countries. When a rape incident occurs in the country, the public seriously condemns it. The rape incidents per year are at a very low rate among all crimes. The crime of pickpoing is almost never committed and the public does not even know what this crime is. Female tourists may face the crime of catcall, but continuing on your way without answering will keep you safe.

I want to say something about the dress. Although Northern Cyprus is a Muslim country, they certainly do not dress accordance to Islamic rules. You can wear the outfit you want comfortably and you can also drink alcohol if you wish.

Is North Cyprus safe for tourists? The answer to this question is definitely “Yes”. You can walk comfortably in the dark streets at night and don’t worry about crimes. If you pay attention to the exceptions we give, it is a very safe holiday with you. You can also travel not only with your family, but also with your lover, friend or groups. Have a good holiday.