Is it legal to gamble in North Cyprus? Gambling in many countries around the world is either forbidden or strict. Besides, gambling is a passion. People who love to gamble cannot give up on these passions.

Is it legal to gamble in North Cyprus? So, do you want to have a nice holiday and gamble in privileged casinos? I seem to hear that your answer is “Yes”. It is free if certain conditions exist for gambling in Northern Cyprus. So gambling in North Cyprus is legal. But is it completely free? “No” It is free if there are some conditions. If you know these conditions thoroughly, you can enter the casinos and gamble without any trouble.

So what are these conditions? Now I will tell you the conditions for gambling in North Cyprus:

The following can enter casinos and gamble on condition that they have reached the age of 25 and are not studying in Northern Cyprus:

(A) Citizens of Northern Cyprus whose residence is not located in Northern Cyprus,

(B) Foreigners who are not citizens of Northern Cyprus.

These legal rules may be a little confusing. Now let me explain the subject in more detail. First of all, people under the age of 25 cannot enter casinos, regardless of which country they are citizens of. Such people have to wait for their age to grow. In addition, foreign nationals studying in North Cyprus cannot enter the casino.

North Cyprus citizens residing in North Cyprus cannot enter casinos. North Cyprus citizens residing in a country other than North Cyprus can only enter casinos if they are over 25 years old.

 When we look at people who are not citizens of North Cyprus, there are generally two situations. First of all, if the person is under 25, it is absolutely illegal to enter the casino. The second is that people who are over 25 years old and are not citizens of North Cyprus who do not study in North Cyprus can enter the casino.

Casino permissions are only granted to certain hotels, and gambling outside the hotels’ casinos is illegal.

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Is it legal to gamble in North Cyprus? Do not hesitate to ask us everything you wonder about the question.

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