The answer to the question of how long can I stay in Northern Cyprus depends on the country you come from. You can enter Northern Cyprus from Ercan Airport, sea ports and 9 border gates. Police officers working at the entrance gates interview people who will enter Northern Cyprus and issue a visa for the period they will stay under the law. This visa period is under the authority of the officer, provided that it does not exceed the legal limit.

How long can I stay in Northern Cyprus varies depending on the country you come from, whether you are a tourist or a student. Here I will give you information about the procedure applied to the tourists who will come.

Entry-exit transactions to the Northern Cyprus are done through ports and gates, with a valid passport or travel document.

What should be the passport validity period to get a visa?

In order to obtain a visa at the entrance to the citizens of the countries of the embassy, ​​consulate or representation in Northern Cyprus and the citizens of the European Union countries, it is subject to entry with a passport valid for at least 2 months.

Persons other than these persons must enter with a valid passport for at least 6 months in order to be issued a visa at the entrance.


The duration of visa stay in the North Cyprus cannot exceed 90 days each time and 90 days every 180 days. For the calculation of one hundred and eighty days stay, the stays that depart within 48 hours from entering the country are not calculated as a stay in the country.

Countries with a visa requirement before coming to North Cyprus are determined by the Council of Ministers. North Cyprus applies visa to Armenia, Nigeria and Syria. Citizens of the specified countries are required to obtain visa from North Cyprus representatives abroad before coming to North Cyprus.

Foreigners who apply for a visa may be requested by the Immigration Officer at the entrance, information or documents can be requested and checked by the responsible unit.

Tourism Visa: Issued to people who come to the country for touristic visits.

(i) For those staying in a hotel or other facility or renting a residence for this purpose, no more than 30 days;

(ii) Maximum 60 days for those who will stay in a relative’s house if there is no restriction,

(iii) In case of no limitation, maximum 60 days for those visiting a relative up to the third degree,

(iv) For those who come to the country for official visits, business meetings, conferences, seminars, meetings, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, sports events, cultural and artistic events, health tourism and similar purposes, they are limited to 1 week more than the period they show given as.

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