How can I go to North Cyprus? How can you go to the north of the island of Cyprus, which is one of the most beautiful seas you can see in your life. Since Cyprus is an island, you can go to Cyprus both by sea and by air. The sea route is a little longer, if you care about your comfort, you should choose the airline.

There are two options for you to go to North Cyprus. The first option to fly directly via Turkey to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus. The second is to make a direct flight from your city to one of the airports of the Republic of Cyprus (Paphos or Larnaca) and then cross the border gates to North Cyprus. We can give you a nice transfer service with quality tools for both options. For our transfer services from Larnaca Airport, you can click “Reservation” link to get information and make a reservation. In addition, if you fly direct flights to Ercan Airport via Turkey to take the place where you stay or you could rent our car at an affordable price. You can click the “Contact Us link for our rental car services. An important issue you should know here is that how can you enter the North Cyprus? You can visit the link of “Do I need a visa for North Cyprus?” about how can you enter the Northern Cyprus?

We are ready to help you with all your transfer services, whether you come directly to North Cyprus or come to North Cyprus after you arrive in the Republic of Cyprus. You can also ask us any question about Northern Cyprus by clicking on the “Contact Us” link.

After getting the answer to the question of how can I go to North Cyprus, it is time to buy your ticket. To see ticket prices for North Cyprus and Republic of Cyprus from your city and to buy tickets, click “Ticket Prices” link. You have to choose your destination as “Ercan (Nicosia)” in the link if you want to come to Northern Cyprus.