How Can Greek Cypriots Use Ercan Airport?
How can Greek Cypriots use Ercan Airport? This is a very curious question by Greek Cypriots. Can Greek Cypriots use Ercan Airport? If yes, how can Greek Cypriots use Ercan Airport? First of all, before answering this question, I would like to give a brief information about Ercan Airport. Ercan Airport is the only airport used in North Cyprus, approximately 15 minutes from the capital Nicosia. There are only direct flights to Turkey from Ercan Airport. You can also fly to other countries via Turkey as a transit.

Let’s come to our main question. How can Greek Cypriots use Ercan Airport?

Yes, Greek Cypriots can use Ercan Airport very comfortably. They can travel by using Ercan Airport without any extra action.

Through Ercan Airport, Greek Cypriots can make transit flights both directly to Turkey and to another country via Turkey.

So what should be done? In this case, there are two options. The first is direct flights to Turkey and the second is transit flights to other countries via Turkey. If the person is going to Turkey directly, a passport of the Republic of Cyprus is absolutely needed. because visa will be applied to the person who will make the flight. They can obtain the visa by applying from the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia or by paying 25 Euros upon entry to Turkey. There is no obligation to stamp passports. If desired, instead of stamping the passport, visa papers are given to them by the immigration officers at Ercan Airport and the seals are affixed there.

If you are going to go directly or in transit to a European Union country other than Turkey, the Republic of Cyprus identity card is sufficient. In this case, the issued visa paper is also stamped.

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