Having a holiday in North Cyprus is always a privilege. In order to make this privilege more meaningful, we will have some recommendations for you.

First of all, North Cyprus is very hot in July and August. If you are going to stay at the hotel and only stay at the hotel, we can recommend the months of July and August. However, if you want to visit Northern Cyprus, which is a paradise of nature and history, we recommend June and September to you. Even though the weather is hot during this period, it is not a sweltering weather. You can also wander around.

Hotel accommodation is generally on the sea coastline, but there are also nice and quality hotels in the city. In addition, accommodation suitable for every budget is possible. We strongly recommend that you make a reservation in advance for your hotel accommodation. Otherwise, you may not be able to find a place in the hotel you want, or even if you find a place, you will have a more expensive holiday.

Since public transportation is not developed in North Cyprus, I can recommend you to rent a car. You can contact us for our private rental car prices.

Tourists coming to Northern Cyprus can exchange currency here. The official currency of Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. Since foreign currencies (Euro, pound, dollar) have gained value against the Turkish Lira lately, you can make your holiday cheaper than you think.

We recommend that you check the prices in the restaurants where you will stop to eat from the menu and choose accordingly.

We also have good news for those who love nightlife. Nightlife in North Cyprus is truly excellent. There are many entertainment venues, especially in the Girne region.

We are ready to answer all your questions for your holiday in Northern Cyprus. Contact us.