Do I need a visa for North Cyprus? When entering North Cyprus, a visa may be issued on questions asked by police officers who work at the entrance.

The country where you are a citizen is also very important to get a visa to North Cyprus. There are different situations about getting a visa to North Cyprus by country. Let’s take a look at these situations one by one:

Turkey: those who are Republic of Turkey Identity Card or Passport does not have any difficulty in getting a visa to North Cyprus.

EU member states or citizens of the country included in the Schengen Area: The EU member or country included in the Schengen Area can enter with a national identity card or valid passport.

White Race Countries: White race countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova can easily get visa with their passport at the entrance.

African and Asian Countries: Citizens of countries such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Morocco, Sudan and Kyrgyzstan, especially where wars and civil strife conditions are dominant, are subject to a serious questioning at the entrance. Visa requirements for citizens of such countries are as follows:

If they came for work, they must have a work permit.

If they come for educational purposes, they must have student permissions. Students, who come for educational purposes, present the student acceptance document or invitation letter given to the responsible officer by the university. The login person should then enter and make their transactions by clicking the “Student Permission” link in the “Online Transactions” menu in the main menu.

If they came for touristic purposes; The visa is issued in case the immigration officer is convinced by looking at the hotel they will stay, the person to meet them, the amount of money they have with them, the appearance of the exterior. The touristic permit cannot exceed 90 days in any way.

A visa can be issued in the case of a family (parent and spouse) in Northern Cyprus.

An entry visa can also be issued if there is an immovable property or if there is a sales contract for an immovable property.

In the event of the above mentioned conditions, an entry visa is generally issued. The only authority to issue a visa is the relevant immigration officer.

Do I need a visa for North Cyprus? Yes you need and we tell you the rules of visa above. We also recommend you to read our How long can you stay in North Cyprus article.