For car rental conditions in North Cyprus, all of our cars are insured with private traffic insurance for car rental companies and are exempted from 500 Euros.

In the event of the following situations, the insurance coverage will be invalid and the damage will be out of the scope of the insurance. It is legally the responsibility of the driver who rents the vehicle to pay all the damage and loss;

o Letting the vehicle be used by someone other than the person whose name is written on the rental agreement,

o Using the vehicle outside of normal usage conditions (using the vehicle with high engine power, teaching others with the vehicle, bad road conditions or walking on a flat tire, etc.) will have the right to receive from the tenant),

o Damages to tires, glass or headlights are not included in the Exemption Accident Insurance,

o Using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

o A load carried in the vehicle causes damage or an accident,

o Using the vehicle in traffic-free areas or on illegal roads,

o Towing another vehicle with the rented vehicle,

o Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval and despite the expiry of the rental period. In such a case, any damage that may occur to the vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the tenant.

o Not reporting an accident or theft situation to the contact phones to be given to the customer immediately, leaving the vehicle at the accident site (except in the case of an obstructive situation determined by a doctor’s report),

o Failure to receive the necessary reports (traffic and alcohol report) within 24 hours from the relevant authorities in an accident,

o Damages to the interior parts of the vehicle (breaking, tearing or burning of the seats, breaking the rear view mirror, damaging any interior parts, etc.). Such cases will be under the responsibility of the tenant as the customer is in error of use.

o Damage to the vehicle or the other side due to the loads carried inside the vehicle,

o Financial compensation amounts arising from the damage inflicted to third parties are covered within the scope of compulsory liability insurance. The customer is responsible for the amounts out of the coverage limits.