1. Our vehicles can only be used within the borders of Northern Cyprus. It is not possible to cross into the Republic of Cyprus by vehicles.
  2. For vehicle deliveries before the contract expiry date, the fee paid due to the tax (VAT) and insurance costs we paid in advance over the contract is non-refundable.
  3. There is no additional charge for delays of up to 30 minutes due to road traffic in the return of vehicles. Delays exceeding 30 minutes are calculated as 1 full day and 1 day price is charge;
  4. Traffic Fines in Northern Cyprus: All kinds of responsibilities and financial penalties arising from non-compliance with traffic rules and laws belong to the person renting the vehicle in the contract. These include fixed speed cameras and parking tickets. The time that will pass due to the detention of the vehicles by official or local authorities for any reason is considered within the contract period.
  5. Vehicle Fuel: Fuel belongs to the lessor of the vehicle. The fuel in the vehicle tank is received at the level given to you. If fuel is requested in the warehouse, the gasoline fee against the invoice is added to our total fee, if you notify it in advance. No refund will be made for the excess amount of fuel left at the delivery of the vehicle.
  6. Extending the Rental Period: The person renting the vehicle must inform at least 24 hours in advance to extend the rental period. Otherwise, the company reserves the right not to extend the rent of the vehicle in case the vehicle has another reservation.